Project Living Proof

Project Living Proof (PLP), a demonstration home, teaches visitors how to lower energy bills, make their homes more comfortable, and protect their families from unseen pollutants and contaminants. Our goal is to make PLP, a Kansas City treasure, a place where homeowners can access information and resources they need to make greener, more cost-effective decisions. Beyond all this, we aspire to make PLP a space that benefits the Kansas City area culturally and aesthetically by hosting a variety of artistic, literary and academic events that will keep it relevant and consistently draw crowds. In order to re-open the space, and assure that its educational services will be available to the public, we need your help. Please support MEC and PLP to transform the way we use energy in America’s heartland!

Project Living Proof News

Re-Open Project Living Proof!

Metropolitan Energy Center is launching a Crowdfunding Campaign to Re-Open Project Living Proof!

Over the past year and a half PLP has been closed due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, including a water main break.  We are now ready to re-open PLP to fulfill its purpose of being an energy efficiency home model, cultural center, and a Kansas City treasure!

Please help Project Living Proof Re-Open!  Donate today!


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