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Preparing individuals for a wide array of energy efficiency and environmental careers through the MEC Training Academy. The Training Academy combines rigorous course development, experiential learning, and entrepreneurship to provide an adult learning program that not only helps people to learn a trade, but develops a skilled workforce in the region for an energy efficient future. The Training Academy is a core component of financial sustainability for MEC.

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Interested in workforce training programs?

Over the past few years, Metropolitan Energy Center has partnered with other institutions and companies — such as Kansas City Kansas Community College, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and OAI (Opportunity Advancement Innovation) — to aid the unemployed and under-employed to find a job and begin a career.

MEC has offered free career training in Environmental Remediation to interested individuals who were not only committed to completing the training program but also seeking employment in the field. MEC is looking forward to offering these training programs again in the not-so-distant future.

If you might be interested in pursuing these future training opportunities, please contact MEC at 816-531-7283 and ask to leave your name and number. We’ll be sure to contact you when the training opportunities become available.


The Metropolitan Energy Center provides building science training for contractors and auditors who want to participate in the following local and state programs:


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